Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lanvin and Ance. The Affordable Version.

So you've all seen what Alber did for Acne Jeans. Yes, those pieces are essentially Lanvin denim. But they're also essentially UNAFFORDABLE.

We made this collage, inspired by Lanvin for Acne Jeans.

The blazer is silk, but looks like the denim that Alber created.

Pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, roll them up and wear a pair of high high high heels.

Essentially - you've created the same look - using topshop pieces and any costume jewelery that you can find (maybe add a few bows and pearls where you can) - for less than $1000.

The Midas Touch

These Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Boots are beyond COOL.

Chloe Sevigny inspired us to create these 2 looks.

Wear the boots with a pair of shorts and a blazer. DON"T pair them with white floaty tops or you'll look like another cowboy revival clone. Don't ask us what that means. :P

Or wear it with an all gold dress a la Mischa Barton circa 2005 (we can't find the photo :S)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bold for Resort

Marni influenced us to make this...

What Marni is subconsciously telling us is that BOLD is in.

If you're going to wear florals, don't just wear a floral print top/skirt. Its boring and something only the mothers of the world would do.

As seen at Marni Resort 2009, head-to-toe florals is the way to go.

It shows you're bold, brave and essentially that you know how to dress above the rest.

Maybe ditch the hat if you want to avoid looking TOO thought out though.

Pile on some flower accessories also. Gold gold gold and some silver. And some string that you found in your sewing kit. And also some dirty rubber bands. And if you can, some masculine watches. This is cool.


LBD Never Ever Dies.

It's a cliche but the LBD really is the one piece that will never die. It transcends fashion itself.

But the question would YOU make it different and unique?

Would you pair it with Pierre Hardy shoes a la Balenciaga or put some hooker heels on a la Versace?

Subversive Fashion.

Yes this is yet another fashion blog. But this time, its a guys perspective on how a woman should dress.

Pretty just doesn't do it for me. I'm into subversive fashion. But that doesn't mean I'm yet another salivating fan of Westwood or Comme des Garcons. It just means, I like creativity and avant garde.

I'm talking about mixing YSL with Topshop and wearing those famed Givenchy cross neck pieces with a t shirt you found on the floor at your boyfriends house.

Anything goes. Except perfection. Because perfect doesn't exist and it never will. Thats why Vogue will never go anywhere and why POP and i-D are influencing culture as we speak.